“Panochori” is the label under which we bottle two different extra virgin olive oils, one extracted from the variety of koroni and the other of the variety of mouzelia, both produced from our own olive groves and family-run olive oil plant on the island of Kefalonia .

One of our two olive groves, at an extent of 6 acres, is situated in the “Fagias” area, in the southwest part of the island and dates back some 120 years. Constituting of indigenous Mouzelia trees, it is at an altitude of 850m on steep slopes with stony soil just a few hundred meters under Enos Forest consists of the world famous black pine.

The region is also world famous for the Robola vineyards and the high quality white “Appellation of superior wine “Robola of Kefalonia”.

With light green colour, low acidity (0,2), exceptionally fragrant with aromas that suggest a trace of mint, lavander and freshly mowed grass, this olive oil is silky and harmonic to the tongue with a delicate finish.

Our other olive grove is located in the “Ritsata” area, in the region of Lixouri, in the west part of the island. At sea level, just a hundred meters from the shore, on a flat, fertile, dark-colour ground in damp, salty conditions combined with sunlight all year and high temperatures, three hundred Koroni trees have been planted by our grandpa on three acres of land, more than seventy years ago. Deep green colour, fruity flavor with hints of ripe apple and almond, smooth and buttery to the tongue with a nice spicy edge and perfectly balanced finish, low acidity (0,2) and delicate aromas are some of the characteristics of this special olive oil.

The harvest in both olive fields is done by hand so as the fruits to be in perfect condition without brushes and cuts .

The gathering of the fruits in the olive grove of “ Ritsata” takes place in the middle of November followed by “Fagias” one month later. The fruits are taken to the olive mil within 8 hours from the harvesting so as to obtain the lowest possible acid- ity. There with the method of cold extraction at 25° C the oil is gathered by gravity drop by drop, without using centrifugation. Afterwards the oil is kept at rest in conic stainless steel de- posits in our warehouse in Panochori for at least three months before being bottled.

The bottling process is done without the use of filters and takes place entirely by hand, bottle by bottle, without using mechanical methods that involve pressure and affect the oil quality.

Both of our products are presented in a greatly aesthetic bottle stamped by a hand painted label, exclusively made for the packaging of “Panochori” by the artist Ranio.